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No technology is perfect and all technologies are a double-edged sword. Blockchain is no exception. It’s not entirely secure and scammers in the cryptocurrency application of blockchain have made their mark…oh and that guy who lost the password to his hard drive with all his cryptocurrency worth about $300+ Million. Ouch, that’s really gotta hurt. The latest blockchain craze is NFT (Non-Fungible Transfer), which has proven to be quite profitable for some and is actually a very viable application of blockchain.

Blockchain can solve a lot of problems. It will and has solved. A lot of problems. So why hasn’t…

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Humanity and technology have been co-evolving since we first picked up rocks, sticks and bones and created tools. The technologies we have in our society today are components and mixes of previous technologies. The smartphone being a prime example. The camera already existed, as did digital music, sensors, telephone technology and software. The smartphone simply brings them all together. The same is for aeroplanes, cars, boats and well, so on.

The internet is the first technology that truly connected humanity on a global scale. It enabled the software that gave rise to social media, which simply amplified what humans have…

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Does it seem like the world around us is changing incredibly fast? Well, that’s because it is. Renowned futurist and best selling author Ray Kurzweil projects that in the 21st century, humanity will see 20,000 years worth of change. Author and historian Yuval Noah Harari says “If somebody describes the world of the mid-twenty-first century to you and it doesn’t sound like science fiction, it is certainly false. We cannot be sure of the specifics; change itself is the only certainty.” One might posit that we are entering the second adaptation of humanity.

The first adaptation was when we fell…

Over the past decade, we’ve done a lot of research into online diaspora communities around the world, covering a variety of cultures and nationalities. Over 10 so far and what we suspect may be, the largest analysis of diaspora communities in the world. As we recently sifted through the data, we found some common elements to all digital diaspora communities.

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So how do we do this research? We use a methodology called Netnography, which is taken from the real-world anthropological method called ethnography. Basically, it is the systematic study of a culture. Netnography is a similar process but done entirely…

Modern Freemasonry has been around just over 300 years. Some speculate it is far older. Why has this mysterious organisation survived so long?

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For those of you who may read this and come with inherent biases such as Freemasonry being a religion, worshipping the devil or being the worker bees for the Illuminati, you will be disappointed to learn that the truth is none of these. Masons can barely organize a rock fight in a quarry and after over 300 years, the typical “refreshments” served after meetings is egg salad sandwiches with bread of varying degrees of freshness. …

Ever since we climbed down out of the trees and figured out how to create technology and with some of those technologies, such as writing, expand our knowledge, we’ve known that all technology is both good and bad. A bronze axe could feed your family and provide shelter. It could also cleave in the skull of your enemies. A smartphone too can help feed your family and through social media, can ruin someones day or promote civil unrest. It’s a trade-off humans have made and continue to live with.

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And some technologies have been invented for one reason and end…

Industry 4.0 has been slow to evolve, until now

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The manufacturing industry around the world is about to go through a period of unprecedented innovation and technical revolution. Artificial Intelligence, robotics, IIoT will all play a role.

The pandemic that has ravaged our world impacted every industry. Some businesses, such as restaurants and retail stores haven’t fared well. The manufacturing sector was hit hard as well with supply chain disruptions and restrictions on transportation of goods, raw and finished. …

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Countries around the world see Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a critical general technology to give them competitive advantage in productivity, economics and of course, warfare, be it cyber or real-world. Governments have poured billions of dollars into academia and industry to gain competitive edge. China, Israel, America, the UK, Canada and others have laid claim to staking out leadership roles with AI.

While the type of AI that we see in Hollywood movies, what is termed as general AI remains a ways off and some think it may never happen, the development of AI is moving fast and even in…

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For decades the biggest challenges for Big Tech, from Facebook and Apple to Amazon, Twitter, and Google had been about growing their customer base and launching new hardware and features. In 2018 I predicted that in 2019, Big Tech would face entirely new big challenges; regulatory and societal attitudes. And those issues arose in 2019 and then more in 2020. In 2021, Big Tech faces some very serious challenges.

While the Big Tech companies still face the challenges of audience growth and delivering new hardware and software products, this year will bring in a whole new level of challenges. With…

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Right now, Google dominates the search engine market with an over 90% share. Largely because they built a good product. They’ve done so well that they’re now where Microsoft was in the 1990’s; facing anti-trust battles. From the original search engine, Google added other products such as Maps and now Workspaces. Some products like Buzz and Google+ failed. All part of the process. My time with the internet goes back to the days of the AltaVista search engine and when Yahoo! Dominated search. SEO? Unheard of. There were a multitude of search engines. It was a mess but it was…

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